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A little confession … yes I feel the same as you!

Confession time!

How do I start this?! I’m getting twitchy and nervous just ‘saying’ it out loud!



This week marks 6 years since I qualified with my CIMA qualification, one of the proudest achievements of my life… so far!

As you know I describe myself as the most determined and ambitious person you will ever meet, and whilst that is completely true, I am also very guilty of trying too hard, working too hard and getting anxious and overwhelmed with everything going on in my life.

And let me tell you … ssshhh…. I’m whispering (cos I’m a little embarrassed) … that I have been struggling with my life over the last few weeks! This is something I don’t talk about very much, but I wanted to be honest with you guys and share what’s been going on and how I’ve dealt with it (because I reckon you’ll know exactly what it feels like).



Since my Degree in 2005 I have focused on getting my letters and working quickly and successfully UP the career ladder. The highlights of my career have been an Assistant Accountant in a distribution company, Senior Management Accountant in a retail company, Finance Manager to manufacturing organisations and my current role is a Senior Management Accountant within a growing manufacturing SME.

As well as my successful and amazing 9-5 job, I decided to set up my own coaching business in 2018. I have been mentoring on the CIMA mentoring programme for the last 5 years, as well as lots of other voluntary opportunities (including governor of a secondary and primary school, mentor on The Girls’ Network programme and interviewing at local schools).


One of the aims of my business is to support more qualifying accountants and I have been super focused on being visible so you guys see how a coach and experienced qualified accountant can really help you succeed (just like I am doing!).


In January I ran a webinar on ‘How to successfully balance your work-life-study stress’, which was so fun and the appreciation for you guys was amazing – thank you!


But guess what … I was at the point of overwhelm and stress!


I’ve spent the last few weeks battling the stress and trying to pretend I’m fine and I just need to keep going.  I know that’s a familiar feeling for you guys on your Accounting journey (I’ve had these feelings quite a lot!) so I wanted to tell you that my business and career journey is also tough!


Honestly is one of my proudest personality traits so I wanted to be real and honest with you guys.


Growing my coaching business and having a senior finance position plus my family and household commitments (the dreaded washing up!) has been TOUGH!

I have been trying sooo hard and working crazy hours to bring amazing content to you to help and advise you through your exams PLUS impressing my managers and growing as part of a successful Finance team, but ouch my head hurts and my brain is FULL!


I have a coach to support me through my business journey, and this week I had to reach out to her for some extra support. It all just got too much.

Thank goodness I did.. I feel so much better now! She just gave me the right words and coached me through my emotions and what I needed to do to reduce the overwhelm, get back on track and relax to remember the point of my life!


The point of my life is to be unapologetically Helen Pretty, be an amazingly on the ball qualified Accountant and be the determined and ambitious Accounting coach to YOU!


I know I can only do that when I feel balanced, happy and motivated. Watch out guys… I am back on the ball and feeling super happy and relaxed about the next chapter in my journey.


How are you feeling?

Drop me an email (hello@prettysuccessfulcareers.co.uk ) or a DM on Linkedin (click here) to let me know how I can coach you through the emotional rollercoaster that is your *CIMA/AAT/ACCA qualification journey.



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