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OCS MCS SCS CIMA case study

Your go to CIMA case study blog!

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ This blog is all about CIMA case study 🤓 😜 This is your go to CIMA case study blog!   Oh! I am such a geek when it comes to coaching about the CIMA case studies! I cannot wait to share my Helen style coaching with you for this one – you …

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cima acca aat revision confidence

Revision Confidence Article

I am super proud to be writing this blog on my website for YOU!   Sometimes in life you must shout about your achievements. This achievement is one of mine – so far in 2021 – But I am sharing because it’s all for YOU!   I have published my 1st full article – in …

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cima acca revision

Keeping Revision Simple!

Keeping Revision Simple. My Ultimate Revision Blog – Tips & Advice   Keep It Simple Stupid – KISS your revision.   I get carried away and can tell you so many revision tips and exercises that work and that will transform your revision. But if I did – then overwhelm would take over (and I …

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acca cima exam success

Confidence – Is the KEY to exam success

  If I could shake you and give you one thing that I know will make a huge impact to your exam success … it would be …   CONFIDENCE   You know that feeling when you are ready and prepared, with a great big smile and your head held high. Or When you just …

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Revision notes acca cima aat

What I think about revision notes!

STOP! Seriously just stop… put down the pen and paper and STOP writing revision notes.   Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking about revision notes a lot. In the panic run up to the ACCA exams, the things I’m hearing and seeing most are ‘I’m writing too many notes’, ‘I can’t answer a …

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acca cima aat stuck in a finance job you dont love

Feel stuck in a finance job that you don’t love?

It’s SO tough when you’re ready for that promotion. You have the practical experience & KNOW you can do it. But you can’t get the job, because you’ve not got your ACCA or CIMA qualification and letters yet!   So as a qualifying accountant, you’re stuck in a role you don’t really love. An Assistant …

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acca cima revision mentor

How I successfully achieve my goals!

I pride myself on my planning and organisational skills, not because I’m arrogant or a show off, but because they work for me and the amazingly successful results I want out of my life. For example, a few years ago I set some yearly goals – to have £4,500 in my bank account at Christmas, …

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Pretty Successful Careers

A-Z tips for your Career Success

A-Z tips for your Career Success For the past 26 days I have been creating and posting A-Z tips onto my Instagram Page (here) for you to read, learn and implement. The A–Z tips are short bite-sized career focused tips to show you what my careers coaching style is like, get you engaged in your …

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Careers Why

Why – The most important question of all!

Asking the most important question of all – ‘Why?!’   One of my coaching styles is to ask quite a few questions, especially at the start of a new client relationship. This really helps both of us to understand so much! One of my aims as a career coach is to provide practical advice and …

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How to give the perfect handshake

How to give the perfect handshake!

Hello! Here you will learn how to give the perfect handshake… keep reading! 🙂 Over on my social media I am shouting about the A to Z of nailing your career strategy. I have talked about A to G so far (you’ll have to go on my Facebook or Instagram if you want to see …

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How to get your CV noticed

How to get your CV Noticed

How to get your CV noticed (if a recruiter had 10 CV’s- why would they pick yours?)   Hello! How many times have you wondered how do you get your CV noticed? I use an analogy (which is often true) which makes my clients focus and have a real life (maybe scary) realisation. I say …

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Tips for a personal statement

Top 3 tips for an amazing Personal Statement

Hello! I’m Helen Pretty – your Career Coach and Mentor – Bringing you your next blog – ‘Top 3 tips for an amazing personal statement’.   Thank you for taking a step forward to your job search. Your personal statement is that section of your application (normally found on your CV) that brings to life …

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Career coach

Expectations of a Career Coach

Hello! I’m Helen Pretty – your Career Coach and Mentor. Firstly thank you for taking the first step to changing your job, stepping up in your career and being proactive in your job search! In this blog I talk about the expectations of a career coach.   The Oxford dictionary’s definition of a coach is …

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Top 5 Personaility skills for a CV

What are your top 5?

What are your top 5? Hey there Helen- what do you mean?! My top 5 favourite foods…NOPE! My top 5 favourite excuses to call in sick for work?… NOPE!   Your top 5 Personality Traits- What makes you- YOU- Unique, brilliant and ultimately right for this Job!?   This is what an interviewer, recruitment agent, …

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Setting SMART Goals and objectives

Setting SMART Goals & Objectives

Setting SMART goals and Objectives!   So you want to have a new job? And you know what area you want to work in. But you have no idea how to do it and get there? You’re reading this blog for a reason – firstly thank you! Secondly – I can help you get that …

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