Have a read & watch of my ACCA and CIMA client’s revision transformations!

Fran, Carmen, Tom and Leona are just a handful of my amazing resitters!

Fran – ACCA

Fran came to me with 10 days until her Financial Reporting (ACCA) exam.

I though, wow, she’s confident, yes we can tweak her exam technique and get her pass.

By her 2nd call I realised she wasn’t as confident as 1st made out (I say that with love).

We wrote her revision plan and I left our call agreeing Fran would sit a mock on Saturday … fast forward to her next call – she admitted, that she hadn’t done her mock as she wasn’t feeling prepared ‘enough’.  

FYI – You are never prepared for a mock – that’s the point!

Something clicked on our 2nd call and Fran realised that as her coach – I was giving her some really smart advice! All she had to do was take it and implement it into her revision week. For her knowledge and confidence.

I can give all the right advice, but if my clients don’t take it then I can’t make them pass ?

I’m so proud to say Fran passed her FR resit exam a few weeks after our 1st call – with 57%! Yes!

Fast Forward to her next exam where she sat SBR. Whilst being smart and having some more coaching, Fran sat and passed SBR with 57%! On her first attempt! ?

Fran is a confident and determined lady, we have bonded over our love of food and travel and I am super proud of her journey on becoming a Revision Champion!

Fran’s transformation

The biggest transformation Fran has made is becoming ‘revision smart’. She has learnt what revision works for her, how to write and stick to a plan and most of all knowing how to have a laser focused positive attitude (not just a determined one!).

She listens to the coaching tools I recommend and takes smart action! I love getting her daily updates telling me she has done her morning revision slot! ?

Don’t just take my word for it – here is Fran giving her feedback on her coaching experience.

Carmen – CIMA

My little firecracker – Carmen!

I met Carmen when she joined one of my free webinars and she was the 1st person to signup when I opened the doors to my Ultimate Revision Club.

Carmen was in! Determined and committed to herself and her qualification! One of the reasons why was because she said she finally found someone who can help her on her CIMA exam journey as she was at the verge of quitting – so I was her last resort!

No way am I letting you quit Miss Carmen! You started CIMA for a reason and we are not stopping until you get your plaque up on the wall!

Every week Carmen shows up for coaching, and checks in when she’s having a little wobble. As her coach I am ridiculously committed to helping and supporting her, because I know how valuable that would have been on my CIMA journey.

I love that Carmen has found a new energy and determination for her CIMA studies and I cannot wait to see her plaque up on the wall!

We have set a little reward together for when she qualifies – so watch this space! ?

Carmen’s transformation

Every week I see a positive change in Carmen, she is a strong individual. When we first met she was a little deflated and didn’t know how to pick herself up, but with a little coaching and weekly support, Carmen is radiating motivation and confidence, it’s so lovely to watch!

The energy Carmen brings lights up a room, and now she’s found her CIMA mojo – there is no stopping her!

Don’t just take my word for it – here is Carmen giving her feedback on her coaching experience.

Tom – ACCA

Like lots of you, Tom has watched me on Linkedin for ages. He sat his Advanced Financial Management (ACCA) exam and failed, then put some of my advice in place and resat his AFM – he really crammed, stressed, worked all the hours and gave it his best effort … but failed.

THEN Tom came to his senses, reached out to me and joined The Ultimate Revision Club!?

6 weeks later, Tom sat and passed his ACCA exam! With our club coaching he tweaked his revision techniques, increased his confidence and boosted his smart motivation.

Now Tom has 2 exams left and can see the light at the end of the tunnel – with newfound confidence!

I’m not going to lie, I wish Tom had reached out earlier, but he had to learn in his own time. I am super grateful I was able to give him the support and confidence he needed for his exam journey!

Tom’s transformation

You can see what Tom thought his transformation was in his video, but if you ask me, then besides from the exam pass (obviously the biggest achievement) I know that Tom’s biggest transformation was his self belief.

It’s tough failing an exam, especially when you try (with more effort) and fail again (I have been exactly there!).

I’m super proud that Tom reached out and asked for help- that’s the smart thing to do! When he told me he passed his exam I was so so pleased for him and I could see the self belief and confidence beaming from him!

Don’t just take my word for it – here is Tom giving his feedback on his coaching experience.

Leona – CIMA

Leona popped into my Linkedin DM’s when she found me on Linkedin and she will be my client until she gets that plaque up on the wall!

I say that with love, not arrogance, because the coaching friendship we have built is working for her. Leona’s confidence, self assurance and happiness for not just her CIMA journey, but her life, is beautiful …. And the coaching is working.

Leona came to me when she was struggling with her F2 exam for her 4th attempt. She didn’t know coaches existed! And she was “a bit of a mess”.

I said “I’m not your typical Accounting coach!” … ?

The coaching I have focused on with Leona is all about self belief and exam confidence. I say all the time “If you don’t believe you can pass your exam, then you won’t!”.

Leona will be the first to admit she used to walk into exam thinking she was going to fail.

Well let me tell you, she 100% does NOT think that anymore!

Having passed her F2 exam … and her MCS case study (on the 1st attempt!) she is revising for her F3 exam and I cannot wait to update her story with her pass mark! ?

I have worked with Leona specifically to find and utilise revision slots that work for her (And her family time- she has a young daughter). The coaching techniques and advice I give is bespoke (on purpose) because every qualifying accountant is different (which I love!)

Watching Leona revise smartly in ways that work for her is a beautiful thing. She is proof that self confidence makes all the difference to a successful exam journey!

Leona’s transformation

When I try to explain how amazing Leona’s transformation has been I can’t quite put it into words myself.

So I found some of her words – this is what Leona wrote in her first message to me … I’m trying to use your revision guide but having massive freak outs over feeling like I don’t have enough time to get through everything. I feel like I am never ready for an exam.”

And this is what Leona wrote to me last month, after she just passed her Management Case Study (on her 1st attempt) … “I just feel so good. A first time pass!! You’re a little bit magic Helen!”

Don’t just take my word for it – here is Leona giving her feedback on her coaching experience. 

Say ‘Yes Helen’ if you’re ready to make your commitment to your CIMA or ACCA qualification!

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