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Ready to find confidence in your Accounting exams?!?

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I have got your back

{I say it allll the time, but it’s true!}

Here are the all the ways you can grab some Revision coaching!

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I’m here to bring the fun into your revision phase, with my 3 super powers

? Exam technique   ? Confidence   ? Motivation


Here are my coaching opportunities, dependant on where you are in your exam journey!

revision support cima acca aat


The Ultimate Revision Club is a quarterly membership where I will take you from revision confused to revision champion

Each month I lead revision coaching sessions ~ from masterclasses, motivational Monday’s, weekly Q&A’s, and interactive planning sessions.

In the Revision Hub you will find loads of revision resources ~ confidence videos, templates, recordings of all previous classes, plus lots of mini exam masterclasses.

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revision course cima acca aat


The How2Revise in 30 days is an online revision course where I will be in your back pocket every day {for 30 days!} giving you the exam techniques, confidence and motivation you need to PASS your exam.

Every day you’ll receive a daily revision tip in your inbox – A video with exactly what to implement to have a strong, successful revision day! 

In the How2Hub you will find weekly exam structure ~ more videos, templates and resources to give you exam tactics, countdown support, and implementable coaching to prepare for real exam success!

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cima case study revision course


The CIMA Case Study Mastermind is a group experience where I will lead you UP your preseen case study mountain {I love an anology!} 

Follow my 4 step mountain climb to learn exactly how to write case study answers to get that exam pass!

In the Revision Hut you have revision techniques, confidence & motivation videos

Plus every week I will lead group brainstorming ~ where we climb up the mountain together, chatting, brainstorming and smartly discussing your preseen

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revision coaching cima acca aat


If bespoke coaching is what you need, then let’s have a chat about 1:1 coaching.

For that extra special coaching you need, to have specific coaching exactly for your exam journey.

Each week for an hour on Zoom I will coach you with an exact revision plan, structure and coaching exercises for your exam struggles, giving you that one on one confidence boost 

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I’ve created these coaching opportunitites to support your revision wherever you are in your exam journey.

revision club cima acca aat

revision course cima acca aat

cima case study ocs mcs scs revision

revision coaching tuition cima acca aat