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Confidence – Is the KEY to exam success


If I could shake you and give you one thing that I know will make a huge impact to your exam success … it would be …




You know that feeling when you are ready and prepared, with a great big smile and your head held high.


When you just know that you are living the best life and you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.


Showing confidence by jumping up in the air with no care in the world kind of confidence!



I have coached qualifying accountants for 8 years because I really care about you finishing this qualification – that you started with enthusiasm and determination.


I coach because I believe in you and that you deserve those letters after your name.


I am here so that you can soak up my passion for accounting, my determination for giving this exam (or resit) your best possible chance and so you have an Accounting friend who you can confide in, grow from and listen to (esp during the hard days)


But you don’t believe me do you?!

🤔 You are not quite sure you have what it takes to pass that resit?!

🤔 You hit the wall of fear every week when you are revising!?

🤔 You get so anxious when you think about sitting a mock exam in exam conditions?!



Let me remind you – YOU can PASS this Accounting qualification!


I wanted to write a blog about confidence, to prove it to you!


Why it is SO important to find real confidence, what exercises and tips I can share so you can implement straight away and feel confident.

And most importantly, how confidence really really really needs to be radiating out of your bones to get that exam pass.


You want it – right?!


Are you ready …


This blog is going to change your confidence level … in a good way!



Stories & words

The stories and words you are telling yourself make up the foundations of your confidence level.

Plus on top of the stories & words you’re telling yourself, also the ones you are hearing from people, friends, colleagues,  parents that you’re listening to on a daily basis.


When you tell yourself stories & words – you brain listens and believes you!


Positive, confident, motivating, inspiring, happy, strong, confident words and stories are what we need in our thoughts – right?!


Yes, I know it’s easier said than done (literally) but I could tell you 1000 times and write hundreds of Linkedin posts and ring you every day to tell you that you’re a great Accountant and YOU can PASS this exam.

But if you don’t believe me or don’t tell yourself the same thing – you are lacking the true confidence you need.


Real confidence comes from within, from your heart and soul.

And yes, you need it for this qualification!


I mean, of course, you can fake it until you make it – but I think that’s just such a waste of energy, and I’d rather you used that energy for your revision to make you super knowledgeable and exam ready.


And yes, you can pass the exam if your confidence level is 5/10 … but I really don’t want you to have to go through that pain, all the nerves, sleepless nights, and cramming.


You really don’t have to!


All you need to do is focus on the stories and word you are telling yourself.


Yeah, right Helen – cos that’s so easy?!


OK, trust me, I never said it would be easier – but I will say it will make a huge positive difference.


Let me give you a few ways to make the stories and words you tell yourself manageable & powerful.

⭐ Start positively as soon as you wake up – what are you telling yourself about the day, and how you feel.

⭐ When you catch yourself being less than positive (see what I did there, I didn’t say the n word 😉)… take 2 seconds to reframe that thought and take a confident, positive thought and think it twice.

⭐ Be grateful.


These will only work if you work on them everyday, actually if I’m honest, work on them every second. Until it becomes natural, confident, and makes you happy.


I’ll tell you about my secret confidence trick, if you scroll down – ssssshhhhhh – positive post its!

They are great tools to reinforce positive stories and words! So have a read and write some today.



Do you believe you can pass your exam?


OK, now the truthful answer.


Yeah …but….


Time for tough love, Helen style coaching.

If you do not believe you can pass your exam – how are you going to actually pass it?!


Like I’ve said, you can fake it and pretend, but that’s a waste of your energy!

I want you to positively use your energy on smart revision, exam practise, subject recall and mock exams (more about how to do that here)


Remembering why

One of the ways to boost your belief and cement the feeling is to focus on and remember WHY you started this qualification.

You didn’t have to, and I know you chose this for a reason, there is always a reason WHY.


I encourage you to recall that reason, and positively focus on it so that your belief, self confidence and determined attitude can improve your exam confidence.


I love that everyone’s WHY is different.

To read about my why have a peak at my other blogs here!



One of my secret confidence tricks!

Positive post it notes

If you only do one thing this month to improve your confidence – then this is it!

My number one tool to make the fastest and most successful impact to your confidence level, thus your exam result.


Seriously, these post it’s will TRANSFORM your revision!


How to write my positive post its!

👉 Write 3-5 short sentences to ooze accounting confidence

👉 Be specific

👉 Stay positive (no hopes or maybes!)


One of the sentences you can use is “I am a great Accountant!”

Another one is “I am knowledgeable”


“I love to work hard because I am determined to revise”

“I love to revise in exam conditions”

“I have the courage to revise for my resit”


I seriously LOVE THEM and … and THEY WORK!


🤓 Why do they work Helen!? 🤓



📕 Telling your brain makes it learn what you are saying (scientifically proven)

📗 Repeating the post its (at least) twice a day – out loud – reinforces positive thoughts and words (which are vital for confidence)

📘 It’s confidence building – you’ll see that in a few days when you follow the task!

📙 Put’s some fire in your belly – and energy! You need energy to keep focused on your revision plan and exam questions.




What you think and why, really impacts your confidence.

I know I’ve talked about the stories you tell yourself, which goes with your perspective, I think.


When you have a positive perspective, a glass half full kind of attitude you might say, then this impacts your confidence in a sub conscious way.


I’m a huge believer in mindset techniques, and I have been fortunate to have completed many personal development classes.

Working on my conscious behaviours and subconscious beliefs, which have blown my mind – in a good way!


When I focus on the positives, I am more confident, have a higher motivation level and believe in myself ridiculously!


Having a perspective that is focused on goals, and positively achieving the goals has made me a qualified Accountant.


You’re welcome to read my ‘Diaries of an Oddball Accountant’ to read my journey through my CIMA qualification.


Confidence is about how you think, and your perspective is about what you think.

It’s no coincidence that I am writing a blog about confidence, and sharing that your perspective needs to be focused on.


When I mentored a shy young adult as part of ‘The Girls Network’ she was lacking confidence and asked me to help her increase this.

One of the questions I asked her the most, and consistently focused on (especially when the nerves increased) is this-

“What’s the worst that can happen?”


I encourage you to ask yourself this question.

Then give yourself a few moments to be super honest and real to what you believe.


I believe that giving yourself a few minutes to realise what’s bad for you, isn’t actually that bad when/if it comes true and you have removed some fear and anxiety around the topic if you ask yourself this.

Obviously, your answer will be ‘I will fail my exam’?!


Tough love Helen again – “so what?!”

You can resit, it’s not the end of the world, no-one has died.


You are in control of your revision, exam preparation, confidence level, perspective, motivation, I could go on but you get the idea.


You are in control of your perspective – so let’s use it wisely!


Emotional Rollercoaster

I say this alllll the time, but gosh, it’s sooooo true!


These accounting qualification are an emotional rollercoaster!


The ups when you pass a mock, or you have that lightbulb moment of finally understanding that formula, and of course when you pass the real exam.


The downs when you are staring at the screen with no idea what you’re meant to be learning, when nothing makes sense or when you read a practise question hundred times and still can’t understand it or when you have only done 10 minutes of revision in the last week.


Don’t get me started on waiting for exams results, in my day I had to wait 8-12 weeks!


I would love to say that confidence would stop the rollercoaster, but it won’t. 😲


And if I’m honest, the emotional rollercoaster is an important part of the accounting journey.


Let’s work on your confidence so that you remember the highs and when the lows come, you can use the confidence advice to get back to your happy, smiley self.



Sounds great right?!


Are you ready to feel more confident, finally believe in yourself and be a Great Accountant!


Of course you are!

I believe in you, so use that for this week if you aren’t quite sure you believe in yourself and it will all work out amazingly!


If you’ve liked what you have read, then I have a free Revision Guide full of exam techniques, revision support and (most importantly) some more confidence and motivation exercises to get you super ready for your exam day! Have a peak here!


Have a great week. Watch out for next months blog all about revision techniques.

Helen x


P.S – Enjoying the confidence exercises! Please feel free to show me your positive post its – on Linkedin or Instagram

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