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Feel stuck in a finance job that you don’t love?

It’s SO tough when you’re ready for that promotion. You have the practical experience & KNOW you can do it. But you can’t get the job, because you’ve not got your ACCA or CIMA qualification and letters yet!


So as a qualifying accountant, you’re stuck in a role you don’t really love. An Assistant Accountant or Trainee Accountant.

Knowing that you REALLY want to be the Finance Manager, Financial Controller or Head of Finance (with the salary rise that comes with it).


All because you don’t have your letters!


And you won’t move jobs because you have study support at this company (which shouldn’t always be a reason not to move, by the way. But that’s a whole other blog post!).


So you’ll just wait to move jobs & get that proper promotion once you’ve finished your last few exams (or even exams at certain stages).


BUT you can’t pass the exams. It’s a frustrating circle! And as long as you can’t pass the exam, you can’t get promoted.


Ouch. It hurts (believe me, I’m speaking from personal experience here).


So how DO you take control and get out of this circle?


Basically, you HAVE to pass the exam. The only way is to knuckle down, get laser focused & make yourself your #1 priority (that’s tough love coach Helen talking).


The softer coach Helen wants to show you how & and support you on this journey. Let’s get you off this exam rollercoaster and moving on to the fun stuff!


Like a pay rise, so you can buy that house. Or using your holiday leave for actual holidays in the sun, instead of studying at home or going to college. Or a new job in a new company that respects and values you as a Finance Manager (instead of that old trainee accountant you used to be).


Last week, I talked about being embarrassed with your colleagues and manager when you fail an exam. I totally get that. You want respect from your manager and respect for that promotion – you earned it at work, but just need the theory side/letters to match that respect. (Have a read of last week’s blog here!)


(To be honest, the respect is mainly in your head, but I get it and it’s real. For those horrible managers who think you ‘must be stupid if you fail your exam’ – then they can f**k right off.)


But let’s be honest (again tough love coach Helen) – you are doing your qualification for a reason. Right? And the point is to PASS and not just sit and resit exams every few months.


So let’s get you passing your exam! I am a coach for a reason – because I care, and I passionately care about qualifying accountants passing to get their letters. There’s zero point in all the studying otherwise.


I think you are amazing for taking on this challenge and getting out of your comfort zone, to progress your career & personal achievements. I LOVE that you are not just sitting in an admin-style finance job (even though that would be loads easier). You’re ambitious and determined and the finance world needs to see more of you! So let me help you to pass that resit & move UP the finance career ladder successfully.


I describe myself as the most ambitious and determined person you will ever meet. So if you hang around with me long enough, it’ll rub off onto you too.


I know you will pass by yourself. I have no doubt that you will. But I want you to pass your next exam right NOW and qualify as soon as possible!


(I’m a super-impatient by the way, so really will push and focus you. A client last week said to me ‘Wow, you’re a taskmaster!’ to which I replied ‘Yes, and I’m proud of it, you asked for coaching and that’s what I’m doing’ 😊)


To successfully pass your exam, here’s what you need:

·        Focus (None of us can balance everything at once – it’s about doing one thing at a time, and doing that one thing very well)

·        Commitment (Like everything in life, when you 100% commit to study & revision success, you reap the rewards!)

·        Confidence (In yourself – utter belief you can do this, with the right perspective & mindset to walk into that room and pass)

·        The right plan (A written, structured & bespoke plan, that fits study in to your life. A revision plan you truly believe in & that works for you)

·        Coach (A cheerleader, positive voice, helping hand & supportive person – keeping you motivated and focused to the very end. And a person who knows what you’re going through and can really help you with these exams!).


I know I don’t need to tell you this – but truly, you don’t HAVE to be stuck or settle for a job that bores you, you don’t completely love or you want more from.


I’m on my 11th job. Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked my way successfully up the finance ladder. I moved around when it suited me to get those promotions and pay rises.

With every single new job, I got a salary increase and more finance responsibility (again, a whole other blog here!).


And I’m telling you this because I want to prove to you that don’t have to stay in a job that’s not motivating you, just because of your exams. I didn’t. And my career is amazing!


So here’s the next steps.

Click here now to find out more about your 1:1 Revision Coaching Success packages.


And then do come & join our (free) Facebook group – Exam Success for Qualifying Accountants! You’ll find live coaching, tons of exam tips & tricks & support from other qualifying accountants.


Can’t wait to support you on your journey to getting those letters, your dream job (and the big fat pay rise too!)

Helen x

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