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Finally getting qualified…what are you waiting for?!


Ok. I’m going to be frank here.


This year was meant to be the year you pass and/or qualify. Right? Finally get your CIMA or ACCA letters & step up into the job you deserve.


That job you KNOW you’re ready for. Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Head of Finance…and the big fat salary rise that comes with it.


But it’s April already (yes, April!). That’s a whole quarter of the year, slipped away already.

And you’re feeling SO frustrated that you haven’t passed yet.


Maybe you’re too scared to book your exam or resit? What if you fail again? (I completely get how that feels, by the way. When your confidence takes knock after knock, it’s tough to get back up & keep fighting.)


The motivation to study deserts you. You start beating yourself up, because you KNOW you’re not doing what you need to do & putting the work in to pass.


Life is getting in the way. Work is getting in the way.

And you’re stuck. You’re no further forward with your qualifications than you were in 2018.


I KNOW how much you deeply want that promotion. How it’ll feel, when you finally update your LinkedIn to ‘Financial Controller’. When you get that £50k salary.


So when I said I’ll be frank – here goes.


You NEED to get focused. The only way this is going to happen for you, is if you dig deep, re-commit to your finance career goals & take action.


  • You want your life back.
  • You want your weekends back.
  • For your own sanity, you need to stop having exams on the brain.
  • You desperately don’t want to read about audit. Again.


YOU made a commitment to yourself, to pass and finish this year. So – and this is coming from the best place – what the hell are you waiting for?!


This is my virtual attempt to shake you into action.


Take action. Now. Stop putting your future on hold. Book the exam. Write a revision plan. Stick to it. And focus on smart revision.


You CAN do this.


I know that the studying & revision takes up hours of your life & even more headspace.

It’s easier NOT to do enough & leave it ‘til the last minute. But we both know that is NOT going to help you.


And yes, it’s nice to know you can postpone the exam, but what’s the point? One thing’s sure – you’ll never pass if you keep doing that.


Your goal is NOT to pass your exam/s. Your goal is to be a Finance Manager, earn £50k+ salaries, take home £3k+ per month and never (ever) have to sit an exam again.


(I know wanting money is ‘taboo’ is our society, but it motivates me & I know it motivates you too. Maybe it’s that dream house you want. Maybe it’s amazing travel – it was for me, like a month I spent interrailing around Europe. And sod anyone who says otherwise!).


So if you’re ready to stop making excuses & start making a realistic revision plan – that actually WORKS – then I’d love to help!


I coach qualifying accountants to successfully pass AAT / ACCA / CIMA exams in 2019 (yes – 2019. This actual year. Not ‘one day’ at some distant time, when the planets align & you magically discover all the motivation from nowhere).


With my support, you get renewed focus & a whole new level of commitment to your own success. You get the confidence & right mindset to walk into that room & pass. You get a written, structured & bespoke plan, that fits study in to your life. A revision plan you truly believe in & that works for you.


What are you waiting for (seriously – what ARE you waiting for?!)


Click here now to find out more about your 1:1 Revision Coaching Success packages.


And then do come & join our (free) Facebook group – Exam Success for Qualifying Accountants! You’ll find live coaching, motivation & guidance, with tons of support from other qualifying accountants.


Remember WHY you started this whole process? I’d love to help you make 2019 the year you pass / qualify & start living the life you really want!


Helen x

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