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Motivation for new job search
How to find the motivation to search for your new job

How to find the motivation to search for a new job

Motivation for job search

I bet you want to know how to find the motivation to search for a new job?

Thank you for taking an interest in your career! I want to share with you some ways to build your toolkit. This blog is about how to find the motivation to search for a new job.

Let’s say you spend 50 hours a week at work …. that’s nearly 50% of your day! Are you sat at your desk now, reading my blog? Thinking ‘I don’t fit in here’ or ‘I wish I was in a different job’?

I hear you and I have totally been there!

Be let’s be honest, finding a new job isn’t the easiest or quickest task to do. There are loads of emotions that come with even the idea – fear, excitement, worry, self doubt…

Some of us have the idea and the emotions and then sit back and stay ‘hating’ their job because it’s the route that causes less emotions and can be seen as ‘easier’ or ‘safer’.

Well… I am here to help you change that and not be one of ‘those’ people.

I wouldn’t have had the jobs and the great career path I’ve experience if I sat down and firstly got over the emotions. Then secondly found the motivation to man up and get on the job seekers train!


Think about how you feel about your current job

Spend some time thinking about your current job and how you’re feeling about it, what positive and negative aspects do you feel and why.

As you know, if you’ve watched my Facebook live videos recently, I LOVE a notebook, and it is the first thing I ask my clients to get once they start to work with me.

Writing thoughts and ideas down and then saying them out loud makes them real and meaningful.

One of my jobs was a real challenge because it was so boring. I was sat in the corner feeling invisible most days, thinking ‘I am over qualified for this job, what am I doing here?’. Then I spent some time thinking and writing about how I felt about the job and why.

I identified and remembered some really positive values which I bought to the (boring) job, and used this valuable information to search for my next job.

Writing it down enabled me to realise the positives and implement them in my CV writing.


Understand your ‘WHY’

If this is a new concept to you, no worries. I’ll explain from my perspective. Your ‘why’ is the reason you live – the reason you get up in the morning and the sole purpose relating to your behaviour and attitude.

It’s often easier to find out your ‘why’ by talking to another person, someone who hasn’t got a personal bias like a partner or parent, but can be objective. Just like a career coach- that’s me!

I would love to help you figure out your ‘why’- so get in touch if you need some unbiased support.

Think about what you want to achieve and be successful at. I want to achieve financial leadership, so my behaviours and attitude at my job relate to mentoring my team, taking accountability for the finance task and leadership for project development.

Spend some time, writing or thinking about what is your why. I believe you can have more than one ‘why’ and I know I can be specific for each area of my life, as well as having a kind of ‘overall why’. (I’ll share my overall why with you in a future blog ?)

By understanding and recognising your ‘why’ (in this case your career why) you will have a better focus. To help you to set a goal and set specific actions related to the career path you want. I know it will give you some motivation and self-belief you need to make the vital start you are waiting for.

Let’s take my ‘career why’ I want to follow a career path in Financial Management, so I decided that I wouldn’t look for jobs with no direct reporting for example. It motivates me to dream big and search for an executive level position.


These are just some of my strategies to help find you find your motivation to start your job search.

Trust me, I know searching for a job isn’t the quickest and easiest task in your week. The thought of not being stuck in the corner, or overworked or underpaid for your skills should be a reminder that you want to change. Let’s make that happen!

If you want to set up a free discovery call with me, that’s great! We can talk through some more motivational techniques and apply them to you. Then I can help you get even closer to your dream job.

Have a peek at my social media if you like what you read. I’d love your comments and feel free to share and spread the advice!

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Thanks guys! H x


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