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How to get your CV noticed
How to get your CV noticed

How to get your CV Noticed

How to get your CV noticed (if a recruiter had 10 CV’s- why would they pick yours?)



How many times have you wondered how do you get your CV noticed?

I use an analogy (which is often true) which makes my clients focus and have a real life (maybe scary) realisation. I say to my clients ‘If an interviewer had 10 CV’s in front of them, why should they choose yours?’. Here are my tips to help you answer that prospect and get your CV to be on the ‘YES’ pile.


Sell yourself/wow them

I know if you’re not a super confident person or have that salesmen approach that selling yourself is not the easiest task. I’m an accountant and sales are not a natural trait for us!

But if you want your CV to be noticed you need to man up and be in control of selling yourself and showing potential employers how amazing you are.

No-one else is going to do it for you and you shouldn’t be relying on anyone else anyways, this is your job search.

A key focus for selling yourself on your CV is writing a strong personal statement (I have written a separate blog on top three tips for an amazing personal statement- check it out here)


Be honest

This is a professional document, which might be your only chance to get you in front of a new employer and you need it to be the best version of yourself in a few pieces of paper.

But PLEASE (Capitals cos it’s so important!) be honest, this is crucial for my clients to firstly ensure they are on point during the next interview phase (ie when asked a question they don’t look blank cos they lied!).

Secondly because you are the one who is going to do this job.

I want to support and coach ambitious career seekers who are going to succeed. There is absolutely no point being dishonest during any phase of a job interview, especially at the start on your CV!

Being honest helps to portray confidence and ability and will ensure you are showing the authentic version of yourself and trust me interviewers really appreciate this.


Be able to back up all the words

Be honest and be able to back up all the words on your CV with at least 3 examples.

During the CV phase of a job search you will probably encounter various recruitment agents. You need to get them to know, like and trust you as quickly as possible.

One of the strongest ways for this is to give real life, professional examples that you have done (again being honest!).

A recruitment agent will have many clients and will need to remember you. You need to bring your CV alive and to positively stand out and talk through your CV with examples. Trust me it will be worth all the planning.

I talk a lot about your ‘top 5’ (professional personality traits – here’s the specific blog 😉 ), the 5 words which best describe you and that you want to oose out of your job applications and interviews.

As a minimum to get your CV noticed you need to have at least 3 examples related to each top 5 trait.


For example, one of my traits is ‘determined’.

I have shown determination because I didn’t pass all of my accounting exams first time, but I kept going until I qualified. I am determined because at X I worked daily for 6 months to recover a customer debt worth over £250,000. I am also determined because every job I have had, I work up the financial career ladder.

Can you see how strongly linked the examples are to my personality and I get to the point quickly, using less than 50 words (which is perfect).


Get off the fear train!

Get off the fear/comparison train and just present the strongest CV you can. Even if the interviewer only had 1 CV, you want them to pick you (for the right reasons!)

I know it is tough finding a new job, and it can be a struggle to find the right words in an interview situation. But this is your job search and only YOU can make it happen.

I work with my clients to ensure they have 1 strong amazing sellable CV, that version of themselves that they are super proud of and will hold their head up high during the recruitment process.

I also work hard to ensure my clients get their CV noticed and for all of the right reasons!


I have been made redundant twice in my career, so I know it feels personal and to be it felt like someone didn’t believe in my skills. But I dug deep and picked myself up, did some mindset work and held my head up high.

I planned and thought out the reasons and words I would give in my CV to get my CV noticed and this put me and my actions in control of the outcome, which boosted my confidence.


I have helped and supported many clients in building their confidence and overwhelm. I have developed loads of techniques to help and support, but the main bit of advice I can give you reading this right now, is that this is YOUR life and if you sit on the fear ‘train’ you will probably just be looking out of the window all your life watching the world go by.

Stand up, get off the train and walk towards the right career for YOU! I will be here to take your hand and give you career hug!


Summary and a few extra tips 😉

Just an extra few tips for you for how to get your CV Noticed!

Firstly get someone to read your CV, and give critical feedback before you press send! That can be your spouse, work colleague or me- you’re career coach and mentor ?


Secondly- be yourself! You will positively stand out the more yourself you are! And you’ll have so much more fun along the journey, and when you find your dream career you will know it’s the right one for YOU!


Finally – Believe! To get noticed in the best possible way you need to believe in yourself and your abilities. I can give you advice and support and improve your confidence. But give your self a head start from all the other candidates and BELIEVE you can do this!


You can get any job you want, you can get your CV noticed and you can leave that boring, unchallenging job to find a true vocation. Let’s start now, and start this together.


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Thanks guys! Helen x





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