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How to give the perfect handshake
How to give the perfect handshake

How to give the perfect handshake!


Here you will learn how to give the perfect handshake… keep reading! 🙂

Over on my social media I am shouting about the A to Z of nailing your career strategy. I have talked about A to G so far (you’ll have to go on my Facebook or Instagram if you want to see what they stand for! Today is H.

H is for …….. Handshake.

I am super passionate about certain areas of a job strategy, and a handshake is one of those areas!

This blog is my way of helping you to give the perfect handshake.

Perfect handshake
Perfect Handshake


For most interviews you get one chance to make a great impression. All the interviewer has before they meet you are a few pieces of paper, mainly outlining your work experience.

When you meet an interviewer that is your one change to show YOUR personality. You can do this in a few ways – I would say the top ways are – your smile, the way and words you communicate with and your body language. Your handshake is a key part of your body language.

And in my opinion, this is exactly the same the other way around – ie the interviewer showing you their personality (in exactly the same way). However you are not in control of their actions and behaviour, so it’s just about YOU, and you showing your personality.


Why I’m so passionate about a handshake.

Okay, bare with me as I may go high on the enthusiasm level when I explain my answer to this!

I am very passionate about a handshake because it shows the vibe between two people. I want you (and my other clients) to nail the handshake to show that you are in that interview room for a reason, that you are strong, confident, direct and in charge of this interview situation and you want to show this interviewer you mean business!

I truly believe a handshake is a great 1st way to show all of the above!

A handshake should last 3 seconds MAX! I believe this is the quickest strongest way to show that you want this job, and you don’t need to even say anything!! Bonus!

On the other side of the fence, I love receiving a handshake back and I use to give me a key impression of the interwar (who is normally the hiring manager). Have they given me a strong handshake? Yes – I definitely analyse and judge my interviewers on their handshake back to me! (ssshhh don’t tell them!)


Practical tips to use to give the perfect handshake.

I’m going to get straight to the point here and list these in bullet points because I really want you to get this and nail the handshake! Just follow these instructions and practice, practice practice!

·        Have one hand free and all ready (no notepads of jackets in the way)

·        Stand up straight

·        Give the interviewer eye contact

·        Smile at the interviewer

·        Take a step forward and lean in towards them (obviously do not trip!)

·        Put your hand out

·        Get contact!

·        Hold their hand firmly but not a hard squeeze

·        Wrap your fingers around their hand (opps – sounds a little romantic!)

·        Give a firm up and down shake

·        Keep your eye contact with the interviewer

·        Release contact!


Leaving a lasting impression.

I hope you know what I’m going to say in this bit… After you have spent the last hour impressing the interviewer with your work experiences and skills and wowing them with your amazing personality you get ONE MORE CHANCE to nail that job interview!

Yes you guessed it – you get to give them another handshake! Please, please, please do not miss this step out!

Use the exact same perfect handshake tips above and all you need to add at this point is a lovely final thankyou closing statement. Saying something like ‘Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing you again on my first day’.

Perfect handshake
Perfect handshake

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and take a step forward in your job success! Well done!

Let me know how you get on with your practising and what experiences you had had with handshakes you have given and received.


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I look forward to hearing and getting to you know more! Thanks. Helen x

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