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Revision Confidence Article

I am super proud to be writing this blog on my website for YOU!


Sometimes in life you must shout about your achievements.

This achievement is one of mine – so far in 2021 – But I am sharing because it’s all for YOU!


I have published my 1st full article – in 20 Magazine – All about Revision confidence.


Only AAT members get access to this magazine, but I have got permission to tell you the article details 😜🤓


📝 Grab a notebook, cos this blog is full of juicy revision tips and advice 📝


Smart Revision Article

Smart revision, confidence and exam techniques are the three most important things you need. This is my focus for you today, so YOU pass YOUR exam in 2021!



Revision focus

Successful revision is about being smart.

Study is learning and revision is practising.

Practising how to answer the exam questions in the way ‘Mr AAT’ wants you to, is the smart way.

You won’t prove you’re a smart Accountant if you don’t know the knowledge, and you won’t pass the exam if you’re not being smart.


A smart Accountant says ‘YES’!

Smart revision is about saying YES!

So that when you get your exam result you can scream ‘YES’!


Here is what I mean when it comes to saying YES to smart revision.

Y- You

E – Exam practise

S – Structure


Y – You

You are the person who will pass this exam because YOU know the knowledge and YOU know how to answer the exam questions. That makes YOU the smart one because you can do this. Put yourself first when you revise, at times which work for YOU, and in ways that work for YOU. Positively putting yourself first will give you the motivation you need to feel smart, prepared and confident.


E – Exam practise

Exam practise is the biggest part of revision. But not just any kind of exam practise, and definitely not cramming a week before your exam (that’s not smart)

I want you to practise exam questions in full exam conditions, which means to time and with no notes. Remember, we want you to pass this exam, so like for like exam practise will make such a huge difference when it comes to being fully prepared and confident on exam day.


S – Structure

Structure – if you only take one piece of my advice, make sure it’s to write and stick to a revision plan. With daily bitesize slots of smart revision. A revision plan will give you much needed structure to boost your confidence, get you super prepared for the actual exam, and motivate you every single day.

My moto to my clients is ‘To be smarter at the end of the revision slot than you were at the start’

Use your revision plan to revise smartly!



Practise, practise, practise.

But please be smart when you apply this. Revising for 12 hours on a Sunday is NOT smart. Writing exam answers when your test is online is NOT smart. Being too nervous to sit a few mocks in full exam conditions is NOT smart.

Yes, I give a big emphasis on revision practise, because it makes such a difference … but with a massive caveat … practise in ways that make your exam answers smarter (with more markable sentences).


What is smart

Writing and sticking to a revision plan is the most important revision advice I can give you.

A revision plan keeps you motivated and gives you a daily structure to keep you focused (on the right jigsaw pieces)

Consistency using a revision plan works because having a daily plan keeps you on track and allows you to make bitesize progress every day, which is much smarter than cramming at the last minute.

If you don’t have a revision plan, then you have a blank piece of paper, and that never inspires anyone to get on with the work and take revision action!


How you ‘should’ practise

  • In ways that work for you
  • Putting yourself first
  • Committing to your revision


You started this for a reason, so I empower you to commit to your revision phase, focus more on how to answer the exam question and less on memorising every word in the study text!


Figure out what revision works for you… and do more of that! #smartaccountant




If you don’t believe you will pass your exam, you probably won’t!

You could know every word in the study text and still fail this exam!

As a coach I speak to hundreds of qualifying accountants, and I know you are struggling with confidence and you find it hard to truly believe that you can really pass this exam… but trust me… you really can, and I need you to believe it!


Mr AAT is testing you on your application and evaluation of your knowledge. Think of the synoptic exam as a fun quiz where you get to prove (and show off) that you know it! You know that fun, smug feeling!


Confidence and self-belief are fundamental pieces of a revision jigsaw and to pass any exam (especially a Synoptic) successful revision is about putting the right revision jigsaw pieces together in the right way.

Make boosting your confidence a non-negotiable as part of your revision journey, work on it every day. If you are feeling less than confident, then it will show in your answers and energy… let’s make your revision count!


YOUR journey/exam

I empower you to do it your way, not like Sue Smith or Joe Bloggs, maybe not even the way the tutor told you to do it!

Be real and honest about revising in the ways that work for you!

Know what works for you… and do more of that!


Be kind to yourself

The words and stories you tell yourself impact and effect you the most.

Imagine telling yourself everyday “I am a smart Accountant” and “I can and will pass this exam”.

My coaching technique which I would love you to try is to write these sentences on post it notes and have them up by your study area, bonus points for saying them out loud.




One of the main reasons why I became an Accounting Revision Coach was to get more Accountants finishing the qualifications which they started.

I empower you to keep going, embrace your exam with enthusiasm, smartness and commitment.

Keep going, keep your head up and stick to your revision plan.


Reach out to me if you have any questions, I’m here so that you get those letters after your name!

You can find me every day over on Linkedin and Instagram for more confidence boosting revision coaching!

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