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Setting SMART Goals and objectives
Setting SMART Goals and objectives

Setting SMART Goals & Objectives

Setting SMART goals and Objectives!


So you want to have a new job? And you know what area you want to work in. But you have no idea how to do it and get there?

You’re reading this blog for a reason – firstly thank you! Secondly – I can help you get that job you want.

Organisation is my middle name, and I pride myself on my planning skills. A little bit about me (and my geeky planning skills) – I hate wasting my time (hopefully you do too!) so when there is something I want to succeed at, I know that planning it and believing in it is critical.

My success isn’t going to magically happen, I know I want to and need to plan the right actions, in the right order, to focus and gaining the success as soon as possible (I’m quite impatient too, but you’ll learn more about that side of my personality later).

If my objective is a bit loose and vague, I know that I find it hard for my motivation and will take longer to complete.

So I use the SMART technique to focus in on the SPECIFIC ACTIONS to set an easy, understandable (and achievable!) outcome.

The way I view and use S.M.A.R.T is illustrated here.

In relation to using this measure for goals and objectives (I’ll do another BLOG on why this is so important for career success) – I use the SMART measure to keep me focused on the point, it gives me a ‘why’ to what answer I want to get to, and it helps me become more accountable and responsible for the goal/objective – thus resulting for more success.

SPECIFIC- For me means – Get to the point and spell it out!

MEASUREABLE- For me means – Something I can learn from and create a meaningful result.

ATTAINABLE – For me means – Something that I can achieve – not just a silly or drastically useless idea

REALISITIC – For me means – Again something that will fit and work for my life (and my personal toolkit – another blog!)

TIMELEY – For me means – Within a meaningful timeframe – and has an end result.


So lets take an example, I love to travel, and have been to many amazing places so far in my life.

Let’s set an objective of ‘I want to go on a holiday’.

Oh my goodness, how vague is that?! It leads to so many questions – where, when, how, why, with who… Those kind of answers lead me to feel overwhelmed and confused – like I’m in the middle of a green field with no idea where to go.  And the plan just never happens for me, so isn’t successful and it leaves me feeling frustrated and disappointed that I never actually went anywhere.


Lets SMARTen up that objective to –  ‘I want to fly to a place I’ve never been to before, for a week’s holiday in October, with a budget of £800′.


PERFECT! I read that knowing without any doubt that I can and will achieve that objective! So I’ll break this down for you on how I got this this point.


Being Specific allows me to think and focus on what I want and why – ‘a place I’ve never been before’ – this narrows down the list of options. I have been specific with the mode of transport, the budget (an important factor for me), the date and the length of time.

Being Measurable gives the objective a proper outcome to be measured against. Narrowing it down to more of a yes or no will really help the objective’s success. Here the length of holiday, and the end date is measurable.

Being Attainable is important for an objectives success. It needs to be within my reach right now – yes sometimes we’ll stretch this a little bit, but the more attainable it is, the more your brain gets it and can achieve it. So I’m not going to set ‘Go to Australia for 2 months’ – because I can’t get the time off work and it’s a ridiculous idea (I’ll talk about my life travels later so maybe not as ridiculous as it sounds but you know what I mean!), my head isn’t bought in to the idea either so I have no motivation.

Being Realistic will give you a purpose to complete the objective. The realistic bit here is the length of time, and the budget. I want to challenge your perspective of realistic though, especially in the job market, because there are so many opportunities out there and no way are my clients going to give themselves a glass ceiling or a lower objective than they deserve. When you have your free discovery call with me you’ll get to know my positive, passionate personality – that anyone can achieve anything they want – no exceptions. If you want to be mediocre or in the same job for the rest of your career then I’m not the coach for you.

And finally Timely, here is where you put a timeframe on the completion of the objective. If it has no timeframe then there is no end date, hence less motivation and focus to achieve. Here my end date is October (Also my birthday month- double treat!). So basically If I don’t go on holiday by October then the objective is not successful. Honestly though do not panic about this! Working with me, on your career, will mean we only set objectives that you will achieve, I’m confident on that!


So my coaching and mentoring style is very much focused on using SMART techniques to set objectives, plan activities, and refocus back to the end goal (at every opportunity).


We will work hard at the start of the program in planning and setting your career goal, and the objectives needed to succeed at that amazing goal.

I may be like a dog with a bone, but trust me, it is because I know SMART works and I want you to get the BEST job and career for you.


To make this happen book a free discovery call with me – or peek at my amazing coaching packages to book directly.

Thanks so much, keep an eye out for my new blogs!

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H x