You are in the right place to make a real step forward in your finance career! 

Working with me as your coach will be the success you need to pass those exams first time, have real practical tools in your amour to get that senior finance role and best of all a real focused effort on YOU and your career. 

I’m an accounting careers coach for a reason – because I have the skills, attitude and experience to help qualifying accountants – to qualify and to move UP the careers ladder. 

I have coached many accountants at various stages of their Accounting qualification to advise, help, support, and mentor them on their unique and rewarding journey. 

Have a look at my case studies and testimonials to see the real life clients I have had – this could be you!

I would love to work with you to coach and support you through your ACCA or CIMA or AAT studies.

If you are right at the start wondering what you want your career path to look like and need a strong starting foundation and career path – setting the foundations with goals are plans is my passion!

You are mid way through and can’t seem to pass that tough tax exam – I can give you some practical tips to reduce the stress, increase your confidence and get that exam pass. 

Or you are an exam or two away from qualifying and need some support taking the step to qualification at work – I’m the ambitious Finance leader that you need to guide you to nail it!

Have a read of my coaching options below and I can’t wait to work with you! 

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I want you to know that my coaching style is to work closely with YOU and whatever works for YOU. It’s not about me and ticking off a list of things we must cover and work on.


If I didn’t offer any specific packages then you would probably wonder how I can help you, get overwhelmed with adding another thing into your busy exam schedule and not make the commitment to invest in yourself.

So instead of saying I have a package for ‘xyz’, I have designed a menu of my coaching options.


What we cover in each session will be bespoke to you, developed for you and work for YOU.


The time frames set out in my coaching packages are designed to help you get the best use of our time possible.

The flexible coaching options I provide are aimed at working for YOU. This means I can fit an evening or weekend call into your busy schedule. I can coach you when it works for you, once a weekly, twice a week, once a month. I’ve designed it to work around a busy qualifying accountant – that’s you 😉


Below each package has a flavour of what my coaching would look like for each option.



⭐ You get real knowledge & coaching from a qualified Accountant

⭐ You have a positive, motivating cheerleader, who is on YOUR side to put YOU first and bring YOU the confidence needed right now. 

⭐ I know your frustrations – at work and with your studies – which means I can coach you specifically to reduce the stress level, and create a real finance career plan for you. 

⭐ Working together means I can give you practical and personal tools to really move you up the finance career ladder and stand out against the competition! (oh and I know what that Finance Manager interviewer wants to see cos I’m her!)

Coaching Packages

⭐ Below is the menu of coaching options 

Plus a flavour of what each could mean for you! 






The SPECIFIC option – allows you to work on something practical or specific that you need to give one off attention and focus. 

For example your CV or your Job interview next week, or specific careers & exam advice.

If you are looking to write a successful CV I would recommend the specific package. The coaching here would be specific to you and the end result will be a CV that works for you now.

For previous clients I have had a 1 hour call, then they write their CV, come back to me for another 1 hour call, send me through their CV for which I then review and edit for you, and then the last 1 hour we work on ensuring you know the right direction for you and your CV. And the best bit is you have a brand new amazing CV at the end of it!

If you were looking for something similar, but specific, like you have a job interview coming up or you have your accounting exam next month, or you have your annual review that you want to nail, these would be flavours of what the specific coaching package would offer you.

This option would be 3 hours of coaching (during a 6 month timeframe). 

Revision – 4 hours – Price £399

Discovery call

4 hours of 1:1 coaching calls

4 hours of Revision focused coaching

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The DETAIL coaching package offers 6 hours, and again this is all about what you need and how I can solve your financial career worries.

If you need to refresh your CV and nail that job interview next month, or you want to understand what career options you have and how to get there, or you failed your last exam and need a revision plan in place, then I would recommend the detail package would suit you.

Each package will come with a discovery call for us to get to know each other, make sure we’re on the same page, and for me to find out ‘What you want and why’.

Obviously the more time you spend with me the more I will directly help and support – this is where the value is added.  

This option would be 6 hours of coaching (during a 6 month timeframe). 

Revision – 6 hours – Price £499

Discovery call

 6 hours of 1:1 coaching calls

Revision focused coaching

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The intensive package is my signature option.

It allows you to plan, action and implement real goals and strategies in your work and study, with me along by your side.

I can support and motivate you to keep focused, stay on track and coach you to nail that job interview (until you hand your notice in) or pass that exam in 3 months’ time, or achieve those promotion objectives your Finance Manager has given you.

If you’re looking for a move up the finance career ladder then I would also recommend this option, because it takes time to really get that ‘perfect’ job and most finance interviews at your stage will involve an interview process.

The value that a 12-hour package will bring you is focus, and real time help at every stage of the process.

From the CV and application questions, to meeting the right recruitment agents through to 1st stage, 2nd stage interviews, and handing in your notice.

I can be the support you need to ask those ‘silly’ questions (that you don’t want to ask) and be your confidential support within your finance path.

This option would be 12 hours of coaching (during a 6 month timeframe). 

Intensive – 12 hours – Price £899

Discovery call

12 hours of 1:1 coaching calls

Revision focused coaching

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Finance Careers Coach

I’m an accounting careers coach (and a qualified accountant!) for a reason, it’s because I have been where you are, focused on my exams, and moved up the career ladder.

I know that YOU want to do that too and the most efficient route is to work with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through and how to help. Simple!

Book a call  – OR you can continue to feel frustrated, overworked, underpaid and stressed …….. but I know as well as you do that you’re ready to pass that exam and get a Finance promotion! 

You’re reading this for a reason, which is great, so just click on the link below to book an informal confidential chat with me and we can pick the package that works for YOU!

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