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Why did you start your finance qualifications? And WHY you should finish!

When I was 8, my teacher asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. And I answered brightly “an accountant!”.


Yes, really. I was an odd child (and yes, feel free to laugh at me!).


But I saw an accountant as a professional career. Someone who wore a suit and took a briefcase to work (this was the ‘80s!). Someone who would always be needed and have a job and have a level of respect and authority to make the decisions in a business.


I used to dress up with my sister and pick out my dad’s old suit (sadly no pictures of me aged 8 in that suit, otherwise you could have a really good laugh!)


Honestly? At school, I was never an A* kind of girl. But I worked seriously hard. I got good grades, but not good enough for some graduate scheme applications (and I did hundreds of them!)

At uni, I REALLY wanted that 1st class degree. The highest mark, the accolade which shows true business academic success. I NEVER wanted anyone to be able to tell me my results weren’t good enough. That I wasn’t good enough.


And guess what? I got that 1st class Business Studies Degree. Even now, I positively shout about it all the time!



I always had the drive to become an accountant. I always had the motivation to achieve the highest academic success, to compliment my practical career. But it wasn’t easy. I worked SO hard for it (harder than so many other people I knew back then).


I started my CIMA within 6 months of finishing university – and, as you probably know by now, I didn’t pass some of my exams first (or even second) time.


It’s so damn tough to know you’re a great accountant, but you can’t pass the theoretical exams! Giving up crossed my mind more than once. But I never give up and I didn’t want to. I sat exams every sitting for 5 ½ years.


What kept me motivated to carry on? ME. I didn’t do my qualifications because I had to or because it was the right thing to do. I did them and worked so hard to finish them because of my mindset and my ‘WHY’.


Let’s talk a bit about ‘why’.


You know the reason you get out of bed in the morning? The reason you’re not a purchase ledger assistant? That something in you – that feeling that you’re destined to earn an amazing salary? The reason you’re reading this right now? It’s all because it MEANS something to you, deep within you.


I love that we are all different. Yes, we share similar thoughts and dreams, but we are all different.


You started your accounting journey to finish it – right?!

And I know it’s tough. Maybe you want to give up right now (or at least have a break)?

Well, trust me. I’m qualified for a reason guys – because I didn’t have a break until I finished. And now, because I’m qualified, I have amazing adventures filling my time and career!


This is where remembering your ‘why’ gets so powerful. WHY you are living this life, working so hard, and why you started this qualification.


What is my ‘why’? Let me share a little mindset trick I use. I put myself FIRST in my life. Yes, positively, passionately and proudly first!


As you know, I describe myself as the most determined and ambitious person you will ever meet.


My ‘why’ is to live my life the way I want and in the way that motivates & satisfies me!


I want to write and create a set of books. A long, library wall full of shelves of my life stories. I live my life to create amazing stories so that when someone picks up the book of my life, it’s one of those books they can’t put down. Full of smiles, laughing and (of course) some tears. But most of all – an encyclopaedia of books that are bursting with life and stories!


Every day, I honestly try to fill up my life with actions, activities and making a difference.


What is your ‘why’? Do you even know? WHY did you start your accounting journey?


When I was completing my CIMA qualification, I didn’t want to plod through and just try to pass, or sit an exam and see how I did. I wanted to give every exam my best attempt. I wanted to focus, be smart & have a clear plan and strategy to reach my career goals (and earn that money).


And you might feel like giving up right now, pulling the duvet over your head & hiding away from the world. I’ve been there too. But your ‘why’ is way more powerful than that.


Keep showing up, keep doing the work and you WILL get this!

I know you are reading this because you are on your accounting journey and need some support.


The best piece of support I can give you today is to find & remember your ‘why’. Hold on to it. Soak it up and squeeze it, to get through the motivational lows.


Whether your ‘why’ is about your children, family, career, pay rise, recognition, proving you’re a great accountant (you are a great accountant already by the way!)…

Remember YOU are the biggest reason. YOU are the person that can (and will) finish this qualification, get your accounting letters & get the job and salary you know you deserve.


Reminding yourself of your ‘why’ will give you the much-needed boost of energy, confidence and motivation (my favourite coaching skills).


Write it down, stick it up & repeat it to yourself (out loud!). Remember it every day, so that you live the life that YOU want. I know a big part of that is your accounting qualification – so keep your head up. Keep going and I promise you can do this!


My book of life is bursting at the 36-year-old seams… and I love it! The focus, determination and motivation I have and give my life is because I put myself FIRST. And at various points in my life, I have put certain things first, that matter most – my CIMA, my career, my salary, my holiday and my happiness.


What can you do this week to put yourself first & make a difference in your accounting journey?


And if any of today’s blog resonates with you – do click here to come & join our (free) Facebook group! There’s loads more support & resources there, to support you every step of the way.


Until next time,


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