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How I successfully achieve my goals!

I pride myself on my planning and organisational skills, not because I’m arrogant or a show off, but because they work for me and the amazingly successful results I want out of my life.

For example, a few years ago I set some yearly goals – to have £4,500 in my bank account at Christmas, to visit 2 new foreign places, to visit my grandma and Nana twice and to make 2 sewing items (I love my sewing machine!).

Guess what – when it came to the end of the year – I had nailed ALL of them! (plus some more!!) The smug sense of proudness and happiness I felt for my life was at a super high. I had thoroughly enjoyed my year and was in control of my life and my successes. And raring to go for the new year ahead!


Planning and setting goals comes naturally to me, lots of things come unnaturally to me as well – never ask to me sing, run or dance, cos I’m rubbish at those things! But planning and achieving the results is my bread and butter, my daily focus and my go to happiness key.


I can and want to support you and help you to write, set and implement successful goals.

I am a qualified accountant and experience Accounting coach for a reason – because I know what works for me, how to use it to my advantage and focus on the end result.

My number one tool to how this magically happened (tip- no magic about it!) was to HAVE A REVISON PLAN.

My number one method to SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE the plan was the magic bit!


Finance careers coach


Here are my ways and tips for you on how I have successfully set and achieved my goals!



I have a logical, organised thought process and I love structure when it comes to my life and goals (especially my big goals).

Like I said, I used this to my advantage, and I honestly do not politely care what anyone thinks about it!

BE SPECIFIC with your goals and your reasons WHY.

I set my goals specifically because it aligns with my brain and what I view as success.


The most useful example I can give is travelling. I love to travel and have been fortunate to have travelled a lot. Over the last 8 years I have travelled alone and had some amazing experiences (I’ll tell you about the funny stories later!)

My travel goal could be ‘go on holiday’. But this isn’t going to make it happen!

My SPECIFIC goal should be ‘I will travel to 2 new places in 2019, and the detail will be ‘a hot sunny holiday in the summer (Greece) and a fun holiday (Spain) for my birthday in October’.


I know exactly what I’m doing and when because I have made it specific!



I set goals that are what I call a ‘realistic challenge’, so they are something I know I can do and achieve, but with a bit of work and focus. Maybe saving some money for a few months to make the goal happen.

A realistic goal will enable you to feel happy before it even starts! Confidence and happiness are powerful emotions that I believe are key to a successful life.

A challenging goal enables you to bring out courage, determination and ambition. These are exciting emotions which I love feeling, they bring out my personality and help me focus and motivate myself super well.

An example of a realistic goal would be ‘To pass your next exam with 60%’ – this means there is a challenge in there, and you’re not aiming too high or too low – you don’t have to be a prize winner and you shouldn’t focus on 50% because its too close to failing.


My realistic challenging goal for 2019 is to have £10,000 in my bank account by 31st December 2019.



A successful goal is about prioritising what is right for me.

Here is where I need you to be brave and put yourself FIRST. This is YOUR life and these are YOUR goals! You can set and achieve anything YOU want to!

If you want to pass 1 or 6 or 200 exams in 2019 then set the goal for that! It does NOT matter what anybody thinks, as long as it is specific, and a realistic challenge and has a plan – then YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE IT!


My life goals are to write a book, not just one book, a series of books, with my amazing life stories in them. I live my day to be able to write those chapters and make the stories happen.

What are you going to prioritise to bring out your courage and life successes.

Yes Yes Yes



The only ways goals truly work is to write a plan. Writing on paper is a powerful tool for me. It keeps me accountable and structured.

Once you know WHAT you want to achieve (and why), you need to figure out HOW!


I tend to ask myself quite a few questions – the normal ones – what, why, how, when, why. The power of a plan is that these questions are simply identified and answered.

It allows me to brain dump my answers, throw them all in the air and then structurally plot them out on paper in a methodical timely manner to implement the goals.


My 2019 plan is written and on the wall in my kitchen, having the visual aid really helps me to look at it and tick off my successes!


Do you think you can –
·       Be specific
·       Set realistic challenges
·       Prioritise what is right for you
·       Write a goal plan?



I would love to hear what you think about my article, so leave a comment below or send me a DM on linkedin – Here!

Get in touch with me if you would like me to help you write, set and implement your successful goals! Book a call here – http://bit.ly/PSCChat


Thanks! Helen x

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